Sony seems to make a decent laptop.  I wouldn’t choose it over my HP personally but my boss likes them so we have a couple.  As a rule I don’t generally recommend Sony notebooks for road warriors because of advice from others but now that I’ve had my own experience I can say that I will surely not ever recommend Sony notebooks or any Sony PC model.

 They are stylish and most models I’ve used seem to be average to above average when it comes to performance so why won’t I recommend them?

 Lack of customer service. 

I sent a VGN-TX670P in to get a new keyboard and have the power connector replaced because it was intermittently shutting down when the power cord was wiggled.

So I send it in and the repair is quick and they replace A LOT more than I asked for all for approxmately $270.  That was nice of them.  They even replace the hard drive without asking.  Hey, thanks! 

 Anyway.  Now it looks great and runs well for a little while, then just shuts down.  Today I finally convinced Sony I need to send it back to them.  Last week when I talked with them the 2nd level tech wouldn’t even talk to me about it and refused to let me send it back telling me to do a system restore then see if it changed the symptoms or fixed the issue.  I remind him that it has a new hard drive freshly ghosted from the Sonly repair facility and that I don’t think that is worth my time.  Can’t I just send it back?  Well, he basically hung up on my saying “try the restore and call back and give them the new event number”.

So today, I’m calling back, I really did even try to do the system restore just so I could say I did.  Today, I finally can convinced them to let me send it back.  Thanks and did I say earlier that I was fine paying for the repair.  Anyway, thanks Sony for taking up 35 more minutes of my time today.  Ok, venting concluded.